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Hello fellow nixers,
This thread is a notice that the forums will be down the 13th of April 2017 at 4:30GMT+0, the procedure will take around 30min according to local tests.

New features? Please say new features!
its the email we've been wanting :P
We're back online.
The procedure was successful.
i noticed avatars' sizes are no longer normalized
also the quick reply at the bottom of each page within a thread doesn't seem to post properly

EDIT: looks like it does POST, but doesn't reload to show the change
looks like the avatar sizes is exclusive to the --light theme, looks fine on Blank

quick reply works on the Blank theme
Sorry, there were a bit of changes in the code which might not be backward compatible.
I'll see what I can do about those.
don't worry about it venam. i can use the new Blank theme
I'm using the old dark theme, and have the avatar sizing issue as well.

Also I am experiencing the issue where the page doesn't reload after submitting a new reply, but it does POST
i think the cookies are working again though. the remember me worked

EDIT: not so sure actually

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