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Hey folks,

since university started two weeks back and lectures, exercises and papers are there to be read I change my directory to the current term around 10 times a day which breaks down to the following commands

uni /* an alias jumping to the university directory */
cd 17ss /* the current term */

Of course this could be done easier by putting the following in a sources file

alias uni="cd $UNI_DIR && cd 17ss"

But as time goes on the terms do as well so the alias must be changed in the future -> not as ugly as before, but still ugly

So what about a script that gets the current term based on the last modification time, i.e., `ls -t1 $UNI_DIR | head -n1`. Nice.

So I came up with the following:


    cat <<EOF
Usage: $(basename $0) [-hp]
    -h: Showing this message
    -p: Printing the directory
    exit 1

CURTERM="$DIR/$(ls -t1 $DIR | head -n1)"

case $1 in
    -h) usage ;;
    -p) printf "%s\n" $CURTERM ;;
    *) cd $CURTERM && exec bash ;;

Now I have a script which changes the directory for me, nice. Maybe it is useful for you as well. Just wanted to share :)


Found a nasty bug.

exec bash

replaces the current shell with bash (no problem for me, since I'm using bash anyways). But if you `exit` you enter the former shell again. Why is this happening? This is not the way replacement works or am I missing something?

What a random Github page

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