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I'm having recurring argues with my colleges about why I set the size of my font to eight pixels (I use tewi right now) even why I use bitmap fonts instead of true type. Other subject are why I use VIM or why I use git on terminal and several others.

Just want to know if anyone of you found yourself in the same situation.
Quote:For each their own.

Apart from that, I can assert that I've been bombarded with the same sets of questions more than once.

You don't always have to reply or even care about what others think of you or your actions. It's not like you are imposing this choice upon them.

Why use X instead of Y?

Do you have an answer to this question yourself? Do you know why you use an 8px bitmap font or are you constructing your answer from something you've read or seen online?

Those are questions that are important to consider. Maybe you'll change your mind about your decisions.

Back on the topic of fonts, I've used tiny bitmap fonts (9 to 12px) for a while under the assumptions that they were "space savers". Was I saving space really? No. Were the font crisper? Yes. Was I considering other options to make my mind? No, I was following a sort of "blind hype" over miniature-crisp bitmap fonts.

Recently I've switched to a 16 to 17px TrueType font which feels more comfortable when in a well lit room and at a relatively good distance of the monitor.
I miss the crispiness of bitmap fonts but that doesn't really matter at 17px, though I wouldn't have a problem with that.

EDIT: related
I don't care what others say about me actually. Just feeling curious.

venam Wrote:Was I saving space really? No.

I can see more lines of code with tewi:8 than DejaVu Sans:13. Explain yourself! D:
(02-06-2017, 08:17 AM)kerunaru Wrote: I can see more lines of code with tewi:8 than DejaVu Sans:13. Explain yourself! D:

How many lines more and why do you need to see that many lines at once.
Why is scrolling not an option?

EDIT: As a programmer you're never looking at the "whole code at once", you're following the state and flow. Your brain won't be able to follow or focus on 600 lines of codes at once, and neither will your eyes. Having them on the screen all at once *is* a waste of screen estate.
EDIT2: Replace the word code with chat. Is it useful to have ton of chat on the screen at once?
venam Wrote:Why is scrolling not an option?

I do scroll with large files but I feel more comfortable having a holistic view of the code, so I don't need to jump between calls in the same class (for giving you an example). I can see 74 lines at once right now. I have an urxvt with ttyload on my host, an urxvt with htop on a development vm and a urxvt with tmux with two tabs, each one with the shell of the system. With a bigger fontface I think I couldn't achieve this development environment.
(02-06-2017, 09:25 AM)kerunaru Wrote: With a bigger fontface I think I couldn't achieve this development environment.
Don't you have multiple workspaces/desktops/tabs?
A pattern I've seen repeating itself amongst developers is that they tend all to converge towards the one full screen program per workspace.

In all cases you can't keep your eyes on all of those things at the same time, wouldn't you agree?
If it is so important for you to see all your code, I'd suggest investing in a 4k screen. Apart from that slightly sarcastic remark, I'm in venams boat: No need to "see" everything, because your brain can't compute it anyways...
yes, i've encountered similar questions many times, about many things. sometimes they are the remarks of evangelists of another competing software (e.g. vim versus emacs), other times they are honest and curious questions.

i personally cannot use a font that size. regardless of how much more i can see. if that was the issue i'd run vim full screen in a distraction free mode. but i like a little style mixed in with my functionality. and for my eyes sake i use gohu size=11.

but if it works for you, go for it! who cares what other people think!
To each their own. I use Inconsolata at 15 or 17 depending, but I have horrible eyesight and need things blown up to read them.
Fonts are purely aesthetic to me, and small fonts just look better. Doesn't really matter which font, I can see just fine using whatever. What annoys me is why people even comment on it. Who gives a fuck, between the wide variety of resolutions people use and just personal taste in general I see zero reasons to question or ask about someones font.

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