Workflow Compilation #2 - Desktop Customization & Workflow
What the z3bu said.
(19-06-2017, 05:40 PM)z3bra Wrote: EDIT1:
That fancy script show off and the editing was nice.

To be honest, the multi editing of variable names looks nice but I can't find a case where I would use it instead of just simple substitution.
Well, in this case I use it for multi variable editing, but most of the time, it's for editing multiple cursors at the same time. As you get instant feedback, it is much much better than vim's macros.
You'reright though, it is mostly the same as vim's substitute (and you can use it as such: ":x/foo/c/bar" is the same as ":s/foo/bar/g"), but for complex substitution, it is sometimes better to type it directly by hand rather than trying a regex 3-4 times in a row, with undos between trials.
Since I learnt to use these cursors, I never looked back, really. The instant feedback really makes things easier.
xero Wrote:what font is this? still gohu? looks really nice

As you can see in the video (the show off), it's Dina
I'm going to compile those together tonight.
So get to work if you haven't posted already and want to.
Voilà, thanks all for participating this year.
This is the compilation result:
These are looking sweet guys.

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