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(This is part of the June 2017 events)

Week in the TTY (From June 24-30) (color #694F8D)

Can you survive a full week in the TTY?

This is similar to what we've done the past 2 years:
Refer to the past logs if you need to have an aperçu of what we've been doing.

If you are the kind of person who likes to call Xorg bloat then this is definitely for you. Challenge accepted!
This isn't a text only challenge but more of a no X challenge, no graphical environment challenge.

You're free to do anything as long as you stay in the TTY, be it framebuffer or other ingeniosities you can come up with.

The challenge starts on Saturday, so get ready.

Bump this thread with things you learn during the week.
Here we go, this started! I'm posting this from the TTY.
Enjoy and have fun!
This is still ongoing, bump this thread if you're participating.
Sadly, I'm not participating. I have to much to do to change my current workflow :(
I'm half participating. Unfortunately I can't work from the TTY in work, but I'm playing around with some stuff at home.

What are people using for browsers? I have lynx but I'm not falling in love with it...
elinks is my go-to for a tty browser. I also use it to display HTML emails out of neomutt
(27-06-2017, 11:27 AM)pyratebeard Wrote: What are people using for browsers?

Still, Emacs.
My main issue is the browser, since I already use tmux session for almost everything over X. The struggle is real with most text-based browsers. Also I'm only half participating because of university.
This is it, this is the last day of the week in the TTY.

It was relatively easier than any other years for me. I've gotten used to the workflow.
It feels good to be back in a graphical environment.

For those who participated, please share you stories.
(30-06-2017, 10:45 AM)venam Wrote: For those who participated, please share you stories.
(27-06-2017, 08:04 PM)acg Wrote: since I already use tmux session for almost everything over X.

Weechat + Mutt + Links = my main setup on tmux.
Besides I used rainbowstream (and t for fast updates) for Twitter and rtv for reddit.

I limited myself to not deal with videos (i did cheat for some videos when i was doing university stuff with X launched).

On the tty I spent most of my time reading, using pdftotext and less. `pdftotext "$@" - | less` is a function on my profile. Probably the most important line I used this week.

I loved having resources always available, so now that I'm back to X, I've been trying to replace Firefox with surf or qutebrowser. Qutebrowser winning so far as I'm writing on it right now.

Note to self: I might/should learn more about framebuffer for next TTY Week.

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