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Lots of people have made cool and useful programs, but they aren't used as much as they should be. Part of the reason is that when presented with two solutions for a problem, a user tends to go for the one that is already packaged and a simple "pkg_add" or "apt install" away, rather than needing to clone a repo from github, install it in some non-standard way and maybe even fix compilation errors. Or maybe they don't even know about your program, because when looking for solutions they just use "apt search".

So, to increase the number of users of nixers software, I want to start a community initiative to start packaging software that appears on

Here's what I've started doing (and I want others to join in). Anyone who wants their project packaged should make a repo, push it to and make their desire known in this thread. Then, we go through the projects and:

* Help the authors to clean up platform-specific code
* Try to build and use their software on many operating systems and architectures to find bugs, issues
* And finally, submit packages to Debian, Fedora, {Open,Free}BSD, pkgsrc, etc.

Once a project is packaged for even one distro, it will become a lot easier to package for others since the decisions about where in the filesystem to install files etc. will have already been made. And this will spread the word about in the best way possible.

If you would like someone to help package your project, post in this thread and get your project on I think you have to contact z3bra for that. Or just post your SSH public key as part of your request for help.

If you're willing to help others package their projects, also post in this thread. Include the operating systems you want to make packages for and your SSH public key (if you want access to Then make a well named repo (like "freebsd-ports" "debian-packages" or something) and get to work!

I an 100% certain there is demand for the type of software nixers users write: I got 2bwm accepted into the OpenBSD packages very quickly just yesterday. Also this is a great way to give back to the community of whichever OS it is you use.
my website:
I can write ports for OpenBSD. My SSH public key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCtG7r+Zz7KBxxaBSIl78R3yVBHJLIBx+THqLX82n30Zp8VEbSeEKnyJFGMg8qf9YgxW3S4MuQACMjIOhubdA3QgT/lCiIJFEozPNj+IcwROQzIWjCWQuBowc21GHcceRVrlbCWHLo+IDZHZiKOSanacmBnKhxifVmmY74X2v6FzIV5Aya2t/bLyCEmd9Vw9RzabG3Jsnq05N5U929fsv6DjIzFMYJYBRjgK4uzdZYrJDfL97fy8CE/UHZG5yo2wcvayh7Fc09DcCCIv3TchH7D23/HnQbjD4sOmqvjlvYCdXHF4y0mOQpK4GnBFgOvW8sdtOZdCWfp6LOox9Q3xMKp kaashif@thinkpad-t61

The repository I made is If you want to contribute, please add the thing you're working on to the TODO file, so there's no duplicated work.
my website:
(27-07-2017, 01:08 PM)pizzaroll1 Wrote: I an 100% certain there is demand for the type of software nixers users write: I got 2bwm accepted into the OpenBSD packages very quickly just yesterday. Also this is a great way to give back to the community of whichever OS it is you use.
That's great!

I've pushed two projects that might be interesting (or not):
  • ascii2svg convert ascii/ansi art to svg
  • Ricerous A diary-like program to keep track of rice

I'm not sure ricerous "update" function still work but for the rest I've been using it every time I've switched machine to keep track and to go through whatever I've customized.

As for the ascii2svg it's a very simple script.
I'm just starting to get into FreeBSD packaging so I'd be happy to help in that regard.

Here's my pubkey

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDWntXyNXLARXrWud37WhgsgQxb70DGlNtWMat2UmkALVBI6GM9ti7bfIo2c2Yh7GUpYdoiXueRmzTBej7weyWcExT5f02kIaMucb+KqebgRvYTIlXgx11fULx5bkHCf0g94Qgr5dKbDH/s5iNa7epctmsU0b24zk/22VC0IsoB1j7rEsBZ96S0A0ma0n21sce+uPNMHv/ezy6wC7/PW+8NuRLEJDwwIwNvjl9NaCALRV2u5UYK8gCvAtYgV0UHinlLrwHnkjzsKmssV9vLBK38o81YIRzezAqFU6IlkaZ7CIkiMEN9l589lI+y50ZiqG8E8T6tMcICWOfnc+qHkjwR beastie
Your key is already in the server. Next time you send a private message, make sure you don't disable them in your account, so people can reply :)
Aww shoot I didn't notice that setting was turned on... Don't I feel sheepish :)

Thanks z3bra
I can help with Fedora packaging although they have some rules for what they accept on their repositories (mostly licensing issues), at least we can have our packages as third-party if not accepted and available for download.
I can package them for crux if your build process is not too complex
I can package for the Arch User Repository.

There are a lot of distros we can package for. Question is, should we create a repo for build files for each distro or should we store these in some `contrib/` directory in the project? Or perhaps we should hide these repos from the main view?
I don't like exceptions. So I'm not for "hiding" it. I must admit I think the same about it though. At some point we'll have openbsd-ports archlinux-pkgbuilds, alpine-aports, void-srcpkg, freebsd-ports, pkgsrc-ports, .... It will cluter the view for no reason.

I'd go for something less generic than "contrib" though. Something like "packing" or "multi-ports"

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