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I decided to package wmutils for OpenBSD and it was committed to the ports tree! Take a look here.

wmutils was written by some members of our community, including z3bra, dcat and many others (including people not from nixers):

I'll continue porting nixers-related software, window managers, cool utilities, etc to OpenBSD. If anyone wants something ported or has any more ideas on what to port, don't hesitate to:

(a) Do it yourself you lazy fucks

(b) Tell me to do it, I'm happy to help! The only problem is I have no idea how to package stuff for Arch, Debian, etc, only OpenBSD, so you'll have to refer to (a) if you want something packaged for those operating systems.
Is anyone responsible for void linux packaging? If not, I could do that, since I run void on my current machine.
No-one's doing Void yet. Actually we only have stuff for FreeBSD and OpenBSD right now. I'm not 100% familiar with how Void Linux packaging works, but it looks to me (from looking at this) like it's not too complicated. Feel free to start making some packages.

If you can get them added to the main repository in Void, that would be great too: that's the end goal. I don't know how difficult that is, I guess for Void you just send a PR to their GitHub repo.

If you want to know what has been packaged so far, look at the TODO files in the repo. If you want to get push access to the repo, post your SSH key and z3bra (who runs the git AFAIK) will probably add you.
I've already done some packaging, although nothing too serious, for void. And yes, it's done via GitHub, the maintainers are really nice there, and from what I know about them, they shouldn't have a problem with the software,

And for z3bra, or whoever needs it, here's my public key:

ssh-rsa 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