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Quote:But are we truly a reflection of /r/unixporn, just an extension? Obviously not but that still bring some discomfort to many of the early members and others who've joined for other reasons.

I would push back on this a bit, but only from my own personal/anecdotal experience: I didn't come to nixers via /r/unixporn for SWEET RICER TIPS, but because I saw a link and discovered a site with actually interesting discussion.

Quote:-Tight, small, but friendly, community
-A bit intellectual/elite but welcoming
-A place to share the love of Unix

I see these as three positives. The thing that keeps drawing me back is that a vast majority of the discussion is not low-effort or shitposting.

Quote:The main concern and what everyone wants to see more is actual discussion about things going on, be it a community project or any other topic. Remember that you can't get what you want if you don't get involved in it.

And I think that's the crux of all of this, that we have a small minority of people that post and participate a lot, a slightly bigger subset (I would include myself in this group) that participate occasionally/when they can, and a majority of lurkers/consumers. So if the objective is to change that and stimulate growth, then the obvious first step is to make more occasional posters into regular posters. How? No clue. For some like myself, it's not from a lack of desire or interest, but more of a question of time commitments.

Perhaps one thing that may be holding people back from being more participatory is that the regular posters are very knowledgeable and that can be intimidating to some. That is not to say that this community is hostile to less skilled members, my experience has been quite the opposite, but nevertheless this can cause anxiety and an unwillingness to participate for the fear of looking "stupid". The only way to address this is to keep the spirit of camaraderie and a willingness to help alive, both here and on IRC, so that people can come out of their shell. In this, I would say we are doing a fine job.

Quote:It seems like the most popular OS is Arch (deal with it)

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