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First of all: Thank you venam for making this survey.
In my opinion it is very important to do such surveys regulary just to get a feeling about the ideas, thoughts from the community.

Now to the survey.

(30-07-2017, 03:56 PM)venam Wrote: 11 out of 26 found out about nixers through /r/unixporn, the others are
through the members websites and projects.

This shows that /r/unixporn is a mean of entry for many, be it because
our users like to post screenshots of their setup while leaving the IRC
channel or forums open for everyone to gaze at or be it because we don't
have anything else.

But are we truly a reflection of /r/unixporn, just an extension? Obviously
not but that still bring some discomfort to many of the early members
and others who've joined for other reasons.

I'm kind of coming from there. I followed links to blogs and another link to this forum. But I think not because of nice ricing tips, but because of the general interest into unix. The ricing tips in /r/unixporn are already sufficient to get a general knowledge about it. But since I wanted to know how everything is put together and to get more intel about *nix itself I ended up here, which I am very thankful for.

(30-07-2017, 03:56 PM)venam Wrote: 70% of the members are on IRC however 63% post "rarely" or "not a
lot". Only a small minority posts "often" or "everyday".

The problem for me with the IRC is: it is more time consuming/distracting than the forum. In the forum you can checkout the threads and post something and then move on to something else. For me it is hard to stay focused with IRC open so I just don't open it. Only if I have nothing to do or a question.

(30-07-2017, 03:56 PM)venam Wrote: Around 77% of the members participate on the forums but again 71% post
"rarely" or "not often". That means, yet again, that it's a minority
contributing to the creation of content that other consumes.

It might be because of the high standards we have, or do we? We do
like quality posts. It shows through the replies to another question:
an unanimity of 100% agree that they are satisfied with the quality of
the forums posts. (though posts that are created by that minority)

First of all I crossed "often", but I was not sure if it is right. I think a scale whould make answering the question a lot easier. I myself wasn't sure if crossing "ofter" or "not a lot" (or whatever was below "often") was correct, but decided to cross "often". Maybe others crossed "not a lot" because they weren't sure either.

(31-07-2017, 12:52 PM)evbo Wrote: Perhaps one thing that may be holding people back from being more participatory is that the regular posters are very knowledgeable and that can be intimidating to some.

I think evbo got the point. At first I wasn't sure if my posts are to basic for some of you, but after a while I experienced you all as a welcoming an helpful community, in which everyone is welcoming (if he's following the rules, bla, bla ...). So I started posting more and am planning to do a big post about blockchains in general (No. I don't care about cryptocurrencies!).

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