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(07-09-2017, 06:33 AM)venam Wrote: [quote="Sweets" pid="18894" dateline="1504776169"]

I wish I could say my usage of :w was ironic. Also, is there a better way to write the line? I did try a few things, such as just using
scrot $scrotopts
but ...

Quote:giblib warning: unrecognised option $f

giblib warning: unrecognised option /tmp'

giblib error: Saving to file "nougat_temp.png" failed

I think it's an issue in the way I concatenated when setting up scrotopts, but I'm not too sure. Bash is definitely not my strongest language.

(07-09-2017, 06:37 AM)budRich Wrote: Good job. I think i will use this. But I will modify the final filename to include, hour:minute:seconds, since i seldom hit the target on my first scrot so to speak.

I have been thinking about doing something similar for my dotfiles, but in one way the opposite:

* Moving selected file (f.i. ~/.bashrc) to an all folder (in my case a dropboxfolder), and rename the file.
* Then symlink it back to it's original location, with original name.
* And put symlinks in "tag folders".

With this it will be really easy to browse the files with dmenu or similar. I always have a backup on dropbox, and i think i will upload the tagfolders to github. I will select files, with a script that gets the filename of the open file in Sublime Text, and ask for actions with dmenu.

"You don't nix if you don't script"

I've sort of experimented with that with this installation. Very bad idea admittedly, but fun to play around with. Changed the root directory to be "/os", and symlinked everything but /dev, /tmp, /users (my /home), and /sys (systemd! >:( ).

Also, awesome to see that at least one person is interested in using the wrapper. I didn't imagine even a single person would be very interested since it's an almost completely unnecessary wrapper.

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