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I really can't say if this can or cannot work, or if it's technologically feasible, but I do have to say that I admire the spirit and.motivation behind this. Modularity can help devices live long beyond their "regular" age, since they are easily repairable by practically anyone, at the expense of efficiency caused abstraction. The question then becomes who would want to make this, since certainly the current way of producing laptops (one laptop, mostly one thing) seems to make more sense, economically. I'd guess that unless there is no strong movement towards a standardized modularization, on which individual producers can rely that others would also adopt, no practical effects of specific modular devices would be secured, sadly. What's the point of a modular device w/o modules? It's like a shell with an empty path.

(15-11-2017, 09:05 PM)asyncial Wrote: All Intel processors actually run a custom MINIX inside of them, which probably makes it the most installed OS in the world
I thought that they only had installed MINIX on Ring -3 in the last few years (somewhere early 2010's?). And besides that, aren't there considerably more Android/mobile device's running some modified Linux than desktops/laptops with Intel processors?

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