The role of distributions &/or Unix flavors, where does pkg management stands - Psychology, Philosophy, and Licenses
Hello fellow nixers,
This thread is about launching one of those discussion podcast.

The topic this time is: What's The role of distributions &/or Unix flavors, where does package management stands in all that?

We'll try to schedule it for next week, so hop on the scheduler interface and put all the hours you might be available so that we can choose the best common denominator:

If you don't have a key you can PM me anywhere for one.

Relevant threads and articles for your personal research might be found in:
Issue #63 of the newsletter ( ) and this week issue #65
the thread "pkg management, what do you expect, what you wished you had" ( )
"GoboLinux and Package Management"
And, obviously, much more, like all or other type of package management or distro management.
More questions to think about:
What is expected from a distro or Unix-flavor
The "from scratch" approach, advantages?
What's the role of package manager?
What's the role of maintainers?
What is the current issue, containers, mini-language-specific-modules, etc..?

Keep your ideas to yourself before the discussion actually take place in the podcast.
This topic wasn't actually discussed so far and it keeps bugging me as the world of package management and distributions go further apart.
When I get a bit more time I'll come back to it. Meanwhile let's mention for those going to FOSDEM that there's a "Dependency Management" devroom that's going to discuss such topic.
I wish there was one way to manage dependencies for all platforms.

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