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Hey there! I came across this forum a while ago but never actually posted as I was busy studying. Anyway, I'm on summer vacation now and I felt like checking out if this forum is alive (:

I'm your typical, mediocre student which can barely socialize. I'm trapped in some tiny town in Europe surrounded by people with like zero interest or idea on the technology they use everyday, which I find ridiculous and frustrating, for they do not give a damn about their rights (i.e. privacy) being violated in a daily-basis. I recently turned 18 and I'm starting my first year on Computer Science (or whatever the equivalent on your country is) later this year.

My interests are actually quite variate! I got started on programming when I was 10 with VB.NET on Windows and things escalated quickly from that point. Now I'm here, bootstrapping my Linux setup and automating Gentoo installation on a huge, hacky script file.

I'm looking forward to become versed in the field of information security, although I currently have zero to no idea where to start. The thing with me is that I try a little about everything but never really master anything, I've tried Windows desktop development, web development, systems programming (which I'm quite bad at, ironically), low-level stuff as in simple 16-bit programs for real mode BIOS, and more recently some fiddling with EFI development and of course some failed attempts on writing simple protected-mode kernels.

So the thing is, I never really dared to participate in online communities or forums (specially English-speaking forums) because everyone always seems to know a lot of stuff and I find it intimidating to "fall behind" or something, so here goes nothing.

So this is me, and I apologize in advance for my broken english lol

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