Scripts to be "quick and efficient" - Servers Administration, Networking, & Virtualization

I'm using one ssh key per host for my personnal usage, and don't use agent forwarding to prevent that.
At work it's a different story though... I'm part of the team that has root access to all machines, and I don't see why someone would steal my key. Theu can su(1) as me anyway, amd connect to the same machines as me, so it doesn't bother me at all that they can access my auth socket ;)
I used to futz with configs constantly to "prettify" everything, things like hyper-confiured oh-my-zsh and .vimrc. These days I just want to work, and pretty systems are too time consuming. Some ways I've done this:

- Used vim-sensible to start a vimrc for me that needed five minutes of change one time and then never touch it again
- Plain old ksh with almost no configuration save my prompt. I don't need all that nonsense cluttering my term
- qutebrowser as it does everything my addon-laden Firefox does and with 10% of the resources
- vscode on Windows at work, since I spend most of my time writing PowerShell and Python and both work with a one-click addon

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