Keeping machines alive - Old school stuff
(13-10-2018, 08:09 PM)jkl Wrote: Cheap earphones never sound good IMO.

This. Cheap headphones make music sound like its echoing out of a trash can in the middle of a sandstorm.
This talk about Voyager and this thread on got me back thinking about this topic.
One sentence that got me is that to never add anything that could possibly hinder the future life of a product. That goes along with a team experiment where you brainstorm what could be future issues with a software in 10 years. What sort of technical debts is the team willing to take.

Definitely, simplicity is a key component to long lasting software.
Ironically, I am investigating version control systems again and I found that the POSIX standard VCS - SCCS - has quite recently received project support (so it supports multiple files at once now). Nice!

I played a bit with it and I still wonder why RCS/CVS are still considered "better". Lovely tool, really. :)

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