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Happy New Year nixers, I'm back again with status updates. it's public now. Read the readme!

I implemented basic editing commands (a, c, i, d) and a basic loop (x). You can also do text manipulation on a pipe to better integrate the thing with the shell. The programs don't read from the pipe while data is written to the pipe. The data must be written, then the programs read it. It's a known limitation.
(03-01-2019, 12:07 PM)tudurom Wrote: <span>Happy New Year nixers...

Happy new year tudurom! usam looks extremely cool. I recently read the sam man page (or some page about it on catv), and this take on regexp have to be great. I haven't really started using it myself, but thought that i will force myself to get used to it (sam saturdays) and then try to implement it (with it i mean what you have done with usam basically) in my favorite editor, Sublime (yeah i know, muh freedom...), as a package. I guess that implementation will be easier with either, using usam directly or porting some functions to python.

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