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Hello, my name is twee

my first experience with linux was booting operating systems off pen drives and dvds at school, in order to play games etc. Since then I have run solely Linux on my computers, first crunchbang, then elementary, then arch.

Now I run OpenBSD after disliking some of the choices with a lot of linux distributions , buf mostly just I wanted to explore :)

I have interests in privacy rights and security as well as philosphy and programming (particularly language implementation).

Currently I am experimenting with writing an interpreter for a basic like programming language (don't worry no goto yet ;) and am working on designs for a custom laptop. Also I am in a constant state of progress for my fvwm desktop setup (I want to get to complete monochrome one day) and my emacs config (I prefer it to vim)

That's all, I'm excited to be in this community!
Welcome to nixers!
(25-11-2018, 02:11 PM)venam Wrote: Welcome to nixers!

Welcome to nixers and on your journey. I see that you made a couple of good decisions already.
(26-11-2018, 04:15 AM)jkl Wrote: Welcome to nixers

(26-11-2018, 04:15 AM)jkl Wrote: I see that you made a couple of good decisions already.
what decisions in particular are you thinking of ?
Moving to BSD and preferring Emacs. ;-)
Oh nice! A lot of the people I've seen in the BSD community seem to like vi more than Emacs - I guess because it is simpler? Glad that i am not the only one :D
Actually, because vi is the original BSD text editor while Emacs is, uh, not. And there is a lot of esoterics coupled with "but my precious keystrokes" talk.
oh yeah, that is a good point.

i just like lisp a lot... thats why i use emacs
OpenBSD has mg available for those that want a lightweight experience with emacs.
It looks nice and I would definitely try it! But my precious keystrokes...

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