How much do you actually care about your ideologies? - Psychology, Philosophy, and Licenses
*throws plan9 into the ring* (9front, a fork, runs perfectly well on both systems mentioned; and VNC exists if you need access to a very modern browser
(19-07-2019, 07:24 AM)Deathbox Wrote: I don't find myself installing many new applications often or switching distributions which many people are fond of doing. I prefer stability and scalability.
I don't install a lot of software but for work/personal projects, as developer/sysadmin I find myself so much more comfortable using Linux as my daily driver and dealing with the same kind of servers.

I do like the open-source culture but I must admit there are still some closed programs I use. Mostly because I "have" to but no big deal, I guess.

Using a T480 I'm simply dual-booting to not waste that W!n license in case I need it but I've booted to it like 3 times since I bought this computer.

I still believe open-source and free software tends to be better as it has helped me learn so much about computers, yet I don't think I have to be "exclusive" with other software. I'm more worried about privacy which is a huge downside to proprietary.

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