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Howdy nixers, I’ll go directly to the point. I’m creating a window manager (nothing special), but I have some questions and I would like different points of view. Here they are:

1- Which way for implementing keybindings is recommended, via a config file so the wm parses them (like i3) or using and external program as sxhkd. There’s also the way of herbstluftwm, which uses a IPC client and sends the binds to the wm. Which of these 3 ways is the most preferable and suckless and is there any other way of adding keybindings that I didn’t mention?

2- What can i make to make the wm fully compatible with wmutils and xdotool?

3- Is there anything that any of you would like a wm to have? Any curious feature?

I could add more questions later. Feel free to give your point of view because that’s I’m searching for, different points of view with pros and cons. Also if I posted this thread in a wrong category, just tell me.


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