I've moved definetely to OpenBSD ( current ) on my both personal machines : an old ( but brave ) IBM Thinkpad T60 ( 32bit ) and a X220 ( 64bit ).
At the very beginning I was missing a PPTP VPN client ( there's a server at ports, but I couldn't find the client ) . However I was lucky, because the OpenBSD native virtualization service was enough to install a minimal Linux system to use as "bastion" to access the PPTP VPN.

NOTE : I heard some tales about PPTP being natively possible at OpenBSD. But I couldn't find any clue on current documentation.
I don't know much about pptp but I know OpenBSD has npppd(8) built-in to the OS and the man page says it handles pptp

I used to use Teamviewer quite effectively but I prefer to use SSH if a GUI isn't needed. Teamviewer does take a lot of the pain out of it but once you have many servers it's not as reliable or so I've been told. It's also not open source software. I use a free DDNS to get my name host so I don't have to remember IP addresses but even then with dial up at home. A HTTP web server loads up in about 60 seconds if it hasn't got rich content. So typically I only use it to SSH into from outside the LAN such as when I'm at University.
Just using tmux at the moment for the looks, but I often use dtach for specific applications like weechat as it's more flexible with size changes and then can survive if I need to clean up the tmux session for any reason.
Have you guys looked at Apache Guacamole[1]?

[1] https://guacamole.apache.org/

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