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Long time nixers
(17-09-2019, 08:08 AM)jkl Wrote: I find it amusing how many hours are wasted by writing scripts which discriminate other members in order to "improve your workflow".

I find your definition of discrimination amusing. Using the script only restricts and discriminate the user of the the script.

Since I have such a turbo riced environment, the userscript dirthack took me ~5 minutes (4 of which where following links when i searched for "userscript hide annoying user on forum").

And limiting ones social media, is probably the most effective workflow improvement of all.

(17-09-2019, 08:08 AM)jkl Wrote: Get a life, friends.
rice is a way of life.. friend.

(17-09-2019, 07:36 AM)kontroll Wrote: I registered for the sole purpose of submitting an improvement.

You did the right thing! "My" code (the script I was inspired by, only had three .parent() ), wasn't the prettiest.

on topic:

using mpv for audio. I never watch a video and listen to mp3/flac (music/pod) at the same time, so using the same program for both is great. And mpv has some nice playback manipulation features (change speed with adjusted pitch) built in, and is very "rice friendly" . I have this bash script, that i use to open all media with:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
: "${MPV_FIFO_FILE:=/tmp/mp_pipe}"


if [[ -n $(xdotool search --class mpv) ]]; then
  echo "loadfile \"${targetVideo}\" append-play" > "$MPV_FIFO_FILE"

  rm -f "$MPV_FIFO_FILE"
  mkfifo "$MPV_FIFO_FILE"
  mpv "$targetVideo" --input-file="$MPV_FIFO_FILE" > /dev/null 2>&1 &

If no mpv instance is running, it will start a new one, with the important "--input-file" option, otherwise it will add $1 to the playlist of the currently running mpv instance. This input-file fifo can be used to send any action to mpv, and i use it to control the media with global (i3) keybindings via this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

: "${MPV_FIFO_FILE:=/tmp/mp_pipe}"


case "$action" in

  ( speed )
    : "${arg:-+}"
    [[ $arg = + ]] \
      && arg="multiply speed 1.1" \
      || arg="multiply speed 1/1.1"

      echo "$arg" > "$MPV_FIFO_FILE"

  ( toggle )
    echo "keypress space" > "$MPV_FIFO_FILE" ;;

  ( next )
    echo "playlist-next" > "$MPV_FIFO_FILE"  ;;

  ( prev )
    echo "playlist-prev" > "$MPV_FIFO_FILE"  ;;

  ( seek )
    [[ ! $amount =~ ^[+-][0-9]+$ ]] && amount='+2'
    echo "seek $amount" > "$MPV_FIFO_FILE"

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