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(12-09-2019, 03:54 AM)zge Wrote: one could just choose "this/that/.opt", saying all hidden files are comments, regardless of their name.

That sounds great. And one could have this/.opt , with "global" notes. It is kind of a cool system, one benefit is also if one would like the same value for different keys you can create symlinks, especially nice for "theming".
head blue
-> #0000FF ,
ln -fs blue i3/bordercolor polybar/backgroundcolor

Halfwit Wrote:and the compulsory ones like .ssh/ which will never go away.

yeah and .bashrc and .inputrc and .profile and .vimrc and .xinitrc and .moonchild productions/ whatever you know. I know about that (excellent) Arch wikipage, but have never really bothered setting since it will not be 100%, and then even if it got setup, we install some random nasty program and one needs to constantly get annoyed by this. So i chose to have my own directory structured the way i want, and then symlink them to their stupid default locations and always have hidden icons hidden in thunar.

I know i once saw i guy who had made a script that was running as a cronjob, and removing all new files-(whitelist) from ~ .most of these stupid files contain the default settings and if removed it will not effect the program, other then it will always create a new file with default settings that we never change anyways.

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