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> Did you implement it yourself, or is there some library for this?
I'm using a Go lib for it,

Also worth noting that practically speaking most everything on plan9 is controlled via files, as are some other offerings in the wild.
The biggest win with that is you can audit the state with trivial means (a `cat` here or there, even). The biggest burden is that in some cases, the nomenclature is intractable. (The /net stack uses numerical fids, and good luck knowing which is which process without peeking). The whole ndb system (network database) is queriable and configurable at runtime, and the files update to reflect the state. It's quite nice, you can simply upload the file in question for support as it stands, in the current _running_ state. But, again, it can be intractable and overly hard to dial in on the specific setting you need, and while there are man pages and comments and everything to aid with discovery, sometimes you yearn for just a big, fat config file of everything you can grep.

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