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Hello. My name is Timur but people of the Web know me as @bouncepaw.

I'm interested in linguistics (that's a really cool thing; so many things to discover) and computers. Things I like in computers are keyboards, shells, programming languages and macro processors.

I have a website (https://bouncepaw.github.io) where I post sometimes. It is in Russian mostly but there is one article in English: the one about my keyboard Sequira (https://bouncepaw.github.io/sequira-en). Keyboards are my passion. I'm not from those guys who spend 4-digit sums on keycaps; I am the one who builds custom ergonomic keyboards in search of the best one. Actually, I'm going to build a new one soon.

I can code in some languages. I really like Lisp, it's making me crazy. I have GitHub account (https://github.com/bouncepaw).

Macro processors like m4 or cpp are cool. I think these are one of the most elegant techs; I don't understand why they are underrated now. I'm slowly developing a macro processor called Toratau that is going to be the best macro processor out there: m4 is ridiculous, cpp is limited, others are unknown.

I live in Telegram (me: https://t.me/bouncepaw, my channel (more content than on the site): https://t.me/bpblog).

Nice to meet you!

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