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Quote:it's a waste of resources to use git to manage less than 30 files (to do the ratio with metadata files you got)

Well, Git seems to scale (in a limited way). I just tested that: 21 checked in files (1..10, a..k) make 47 files in total. It seems that there are always (at least) 26 additional files. Some of them are ".sample" files, demonstrating how to do hooks, perfect for a manual or something. Git adds them to each new repository anyway. Looks like a failed QA if you ask me.

(03-04-2020, 10:50 AM)venam Wrote: and probably not the right tool for the job.


(03-04-2020, 10:50 AM)venam Wrote: Then what would be the best version control system to manage change to almost static configuration files? SCCS?

It depends on whether you prefer a distributed or a local approach. SCCS fills the niche of "one person versioning their own configuration" very well, but collaboration is hard(er) with it*. If you prefer collaborating efforts, Darcs might be an interesting alternative here as it is basically a cherry-picking cathedral VCS.

I haven't tried Subversion for this test, but I would assume that it cannot show its strength outside a project scope either. Also, it requires at least some kind of an "upstream server".


* At least for the time being. SCCS "version 6" is gradually receiving project support and a distributed mode, but it is not quite there yet.

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