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simple idea: post what you're listening to, preferably with a link to where others can check it out.
i'll start:

SVFFER - Systematisierung - https://svffer.bandcamp.com/album/empathist
i haven't been listening to a ton of music lately - i usually listen on physical media and don't have access to my cd player, tape deck, or turntable right now.

however, here's what i've been listening to on my pc:
1. the new "faþir" album by forndom, i ordered the limited cd box set (thanks uncle sam). i don't like it as much as his first two albums, but i think his art is really great so i'm glad to support him.

2. "the dawg years" album by blaze foley. i've been listening to this for years, and it always comes back to me.

3. alash's "achai" album (folkways). throat singing, especially the way the steppe turkic people do it, is just intoxicating.

4. the song that's been stuck in my head recently is "chick habit" by april march. it's an english cover of serge gainsbourg's "laisse tomber les filles." i could've sworn it was recorded in the 60s, but it was actually released in 1995 - april faithfully imitated that yeye sound i really enjoy.

i'll continue this on as i listen to more! maybe share some pictures of my hifi setup when i get back to it post-pandemic-panic.
Just bought Joni Mitchell's Miles of Aisles. It's a great album.
i love joni! i'm glad she's still around, albeit being a miracle given all the smokes she's sucked down in her day. one of my favorite photos of her is here (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c...Bogner.jpg). she's got a pack in front of her and a mug filled with smokes on the table.
I came back to the Stolen Babies' There Be Squabbles Ahead lately. Still, the latest vinyls I bought were the new albums by The Hirsch Effekt (new song) and Friends of Gas (older song).
revisiting my shitty drunk folk punk kid days, missing getting to hang out with friends

Defiance, Ohio - Petty Problems - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWLZsocvGrE
Nowadays I got myself listening only instrumental demos. One, in special , is the Splinter by Sneaker Pimps. I'm really preferring music without voice lately ...
Soulja Slim - Imagine (ft C-Murder, Mac) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jqEXdd8XWM

hardest No Limit song ever?

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