Workflow Compilation 2020 [ongoing] - Desktop Customization & Workflow
I've uploaded my video again here. Apparently, I wasn't following the rules properly. While, I find the restrictions a bit stringent, it's still your compilation and you can choose the rules, but that means fewer people will partake.
Here's my recording (warning: sound):

I tried to make it interesting by speeding up and slowing down in places and cutting slightly. Here's the raw recording, just sped up 4x:

The feature I implemented during the screencast is here:

Some info about my setup:
Nixers compilation 2020 part 1: Nixers' workflow
Nixers compilation 2020 part 2: mort's
Alright, yeah, mine was kind of long. Here's a 2 minute version:
Here's mine.

In the video it appears my machine's username (lucas) in neofetch (that's my real name).
But in the compilation, you can just put "phillbush".
recorded with: ffmpeg -threads 0 -f pulse -i default -s "$RESOLUTION" -framerate 20 -f x11grab -i :0.0+0,0 -c:v libx264 -preset ultrafast -c:a aac workflow-compil-neeasade.mp4

decided to go in one take, little slow for the script idea in the middle. also @stark sorry re: mp4 format and sound, ping me on irc or here and I can encode it differently maybe, it's a little wonky

upload (94mb, ~7min, 20FPS):

edit: also the colors in this are a little uhhhhh in flux as @Cthulhux points out :P so sorry about that

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