BSD on a Mac Mini G4 - BSD
After some email exchanges with the freebsd-ppc mailing list, I hit on the solution to the problem with the gmp port:

edit the port Makefile to add the following CONFIGURE_ARGS:


This gets past the configuration failure and allows a successful build and install. So I'm off and running with the rest of my setup!

Don't know why this didn't work out of the box, but I've let the port maintainer know so he can followup.
It took 24 hours or more to build gcc9 and another hour or two to build glib, but I now have ksh93 and vifm on this machine. Yay!

Later today I'll verify that xorg and spectrwm are working as expected, and then get the shell and wm set up the the way I like.
Very well done!

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