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With a majority of members denying the request IIRC.
What would gopher communities do with these funds though ?

Gopher is only a protocol, just like HTTP. If the world were to adopt gopher, big browsers and companies would simply keep serving HTML-based website, just over the gopher protocol. Gopher already has support for fetching HTML anyway, and thanks to Gopher+ / CGI support, Javascript could be used just fine. I highly doubt any company would switch from HTML to Gophermaps…

The whole web is doomed already, it just happens that /for now/ it is transported over HTTP(S). Swapping protocols won't change the content at all.
- NetBSD
- OpenBSD
- 9front
- Suckless
- Some ppl here at
budRich - toysh r us - we need a new browser, not just another electron chrome reskin. a new OS is cool too.
If you need a new browser, I’d recommend funding the NetSurf project.
Something from the serenityos website that really resonated with me:

Quote:I was in a place where I needed to do some programming to find myself again.

Too long in exile,
blowing the dust off my C compiler.
I've only been using it to build other people's stuff
and need to get back to making some of my own.

... which brings me to my question related to this thread's topic:

I don't want to put my code on GitHub, because I don't like or trust MSFT's involvement.
(I used to work there, remember.)
But I also don't want the bother of setting up my own website or git server.
What GitHub alternatives, if any, do you guys recommend (and could they use some money)?
(03-07-2020, 07:13 PM)ckester Wrote: What GitHub alternatives, if any, do you guys recommend (and could they use some money)?

Well one popular alternative is sourcehut (at least in our circles), and it's totally free software (AGPL), so they'd always appreciate funding. Or maybe something like Gitea, but I'm not quite sure what their financial situation is.
Darcshub needs more funding.
Considering that all would be accepting money.
- Myself : )
- NetBSD
- OpenBSD
- 9front
- Skarnet
- Arcan (Display Server)
- C Compilers Alternatives (cproc, scc, etc.)
And maybe a lot of random small projects.

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