Hell again - Introductions
fre d die
Hi, i was last here is 2017 when i had arch on my desktop. since then i've completed an a-level in comp sci and am currently studing fine art. Recently bought a thinkpad x200 and installed gentoo on it and found myself here again.
Gentoo hell. I see.
fre d die
hell? enlighten me.
Have you read what you wrote?
(09-07-2020, 03:30 PM)fre d die Wrote: hell? enlighten me.

Your title makes it seem that the "hell" you were describing was a kind of "Gentoo hell".
fre d die
haha can't believe i didn't notice that. apologies.
Hello fre d die,
Welcome to the forums.
EHLO Fre d die.
And welcome. Nice to see someone trying Gentoo, it's a lovely metadistro.
I know the title of this thread is probably a typo, but every time I check the list of "Active Threads" and see it, I think that in my case it would mean waking up some morning and finding that all my *nix machines had been wiped clean and replaced by Windows.

Worse, it would be Windows Vista or -- shudders -- Windows Me.

Hell again. Been there, done that, don't want to go back.
I surely prefer Vista to 7. It had a working task bar.

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