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Hey everyone. First real post here (besides my introduction post).

I'm just gonna get right into it. Sculpt OS! who's heard of it or even tried it?
It looks rather interesting. Link here:

- Sculpt OS combines Genode's microkernel architecture
- Capability-based security
- Sandboxed device drivers and virtual machines
- Runs on x86 (32 and 64 bit), ARM, RISC-V

Most importantly, the screenshots:

Here is an introductory lecture from 2018! (sorry for youtube :()

There has been 2 new releases this year so far and another due in August. The 2020 Road Map focuses a lot on user friendliness wider the adoption of the OS in general.

Check out the screenshots and watch the video to see the work flow. I think this project looks cool although maybe not practical for desktop use as yet. In order to run a web browser you need to run it in a linux VM for now, but I'm hopefull that a native browser will be developed somewhere along the line.

What are your thoughts?
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