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(21-07-2020, 01:25 PM)venam Wrote:
(21-07-2020, 08:46 AM)jkl Wrote: An operating system loses all technical appeal to me if it requires Linux for everyday tasks.

Arguably, not all operating systems are made with everyday tasks in mind, nor should they.

It's not clear to me whether or not this was a conscious design choice for security reasons or if they just haven't implemented a decent solution to native web browsing yet. I wouldn't care that much if launching a browser in a VM only took a few seconds, but it appears that you need to boot the vm OS first then launch the browser within it.

I agree, this aspect of it is a pain in the ass but as venam pointed out, this OS was not initially designed for everyday tasks. Although, the impression I get from reading their road map is that they will implement the basic functionality for these everyday tasks to make the OS appeal to a wider audience and thus have more exposure.

Regardless, I just love the idea behind building your own OS in this way. I've had a play with it in a VM and while it's confusing as hell to begin with, its got me interested so I'll keep digging.
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