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(09-02-2021, 06:00 AM)Guest0x0 Wrote: AFAIK these WMs typically use domain sockets as the way of configuration. But I wonder if the configuration can be done via X client message towards the root window.
Configuration can be done with client messages. My wm is controlled solely via client messages to the root window and to the managed clients. The downside is that you have to stick with the EWMH hints (or create your own non-standard hints). I stuck with the EWMH hints, but I gave another interpretation to some of them (like using the maximization hints to do tiling, for example).

(09-02-2021, 06:00 AM)Guest0x0 Wrote: Also, I am not very fond of sxhkd, because it lacks the feature of modal key bindings. I have been a long time i3 user, and i3's modal key binding feature is very convenient for me.
You may find mxhkd useful then.

I just had a bad time trying to draw into borders. I thought the 0,0 position of the border was its top left corner, but it actually coincides with the 0,0 origin of the window. So I have to draw on the right and bottom edges of a pixmap in order for it to map into the left and top edges of the borders. Completely non-intuitive. I took a look at 2bwm code to see how it does. But then I gave up and stuck with the solid color border. Maybe I will try drawing borders when I try reparenting again.

I tried reparenting once but then drag-and-drop refused to work. For example, dragging the tabs in the firefox window to reorder them didn't work with reparenting. I probably forgot to do something, I have to read ICCCM more carefully later.

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