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Long time nixers
(21-02-2021, 10:57 PM)phillbush Wrote: I just had a bad time trying to draw into borders. I thought the 0,0 position of the border was its top left corner, but it actually coincides with the 0,0 origin of the window. So I have to draw on the right and bottom edges of a pixmap in order for it to map into the left and top edges of the borders.

Maybe this helps:

I did normal drawing first and then did a bunch of XCopyArea(), so I don’t have to worry about this weird layout.

(For katriawm, I simply create additional windows and move them right next to the real window. Much easier. No reparenting, but who cares.)

(I have a déjà-vu, didn’t we already discuss this at some point? :))

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