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(23-10-2020, 06:06 AM)jkl Wrote: The thread title is weird. "Alternative" programming languages, compared to what? You even suggested the relatively young (and not very interesting) Python to be a "traditional" language - compared to what? It is hard to name languages if their superset is undefined.

Yeah, should've made myself more clear. By alternative I basically mean "not widely used".

(23-10-2020, 06:06 AM)jkl Wrote: there is no reason for a third language between Go (client/server applications) and C (local applications) to exist.

I kind of agree on this one, but in a different way. In a sense, Zig is a language to supercede C. Every program that is written in C can be rewritten in Zig because it's basically the same language, but with better syntax and a few more features while not being bloated and unnecessary like C++ or Rust.

(23-10-2020, 06:06 AM)jkl Wrote: Unrelated side note: I wish I could understand APL better. APL looks efficient.

APL looks awesome.

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