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(08-11-2020, 11:52 AM)mcol Wrote: wio looks awesome. I'm surprised to hear it took a while to get one started. Were there particular issues you had? I found just running some in a TTY started a session (although I didn't try that many, and most of them were wlroots based).

Keep in mind that I had zero knowledge about Wayland when starting :) I didn't even know that you're supposed to start the compositor from the TTY for example. I didn't even know how to compile it, what were wayland protocols, …

Know that I understood all these concepts, it's much easier. As for wio issues, there are a few. You can't start it from the TTY directly, it hangs indefinitely. I had to start it with "cage wio" from the TTY.

When drawing a view (using the red rectangle shape), you must always grow the window from top left to bottom right, otherwise it crashes.

There is no way to move a window with the mouse as well, other than with the menu item.

(08-11-2020, 11:52 AM)mcol Wrote: In any case, if you haven't already read them I highly recommend the examples folder within the wlroots for seeing how a specific thing might be implement.

I haven't checked the example folder, but I'm using tinywl as a reference. By the way, I started my compositor and it can display a window, within which I can type things :) That's pretty much it !

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