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Long time nixers
(I couldn’t really keep up with you this time. Quite a fast pace in
general, if you ask me. :))

One thing that caught my eye at the beginning of chapter 6:

Quote:We will be writing in C because it is the standard language of UNIX
systems … and, realistically, no other language is nearly as well

This reminds me so much of the old DOS days. There were batch files and
BASIC. OS/2 also came with another scripting language, REXX. But that
was it, the basic systems didn’t provide anything else. From today’s
perspective, this feels like a massive restriction, like a cage. (Sure,
you could install more programs, but you had to know where to get them
from or buy them.)

Starting with SUSE Linux at the end of the 1990ies, a whole new world
opened up. I still have the box of version 6.4 from 2000 with its 6 (!)
CD-ROMs, which we bought (!) in a store.

And today, we have so many things at our fingertips. Want to do Rust?
Sure, download it. Oh, and the Rust book is online, too.

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