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(12-03-2021, 01:25 PM)rainlofi0703 Wrote: Linux world is become a messy place for coperation and the complexity of software.

I really need some simple operating system to play with it. I'm just unsure which one. BSD or Linux? Or both them?

Few things to say, here.

First, welcome :)

Then, Linux is not an OS, it's just a kernel. Linux distributions are the OSes. What this means is, you can either do complex and messed up things with linux (that's the current fashion, with gnome/kde, systemd, pulseaudio, pipewire, etc) or you can do simple systems that just work (rely on simpler init system, stay with alsa, use a simple WM and a set of carefully selected tools, etc).

You say debian is complex, and seems in later comments to say that void is less complex. Well, here I disagree. Void actually uses XML files for it's package management, where debian uses deb822 format (https://www.mankier.com/5/deb822) for, e.g. /var/lib/dpkg/status.

Yes, by default, Debian is very, very complex, because it strives to "just work™" for everyone. But I believe any working system ends up with lot of complexity. Especially when they target stability (unlike void, which is rolling distro, despite it being pretty solid in my experience, but it's still far from debian).
And I also believe the debian I use is very, very simple, because I took the time to make it simpler. I don't use a DE, instead I use i3wm. I don't use pulse audio, I don't use systemd instead I use runit. I rebuild some packages to remove dependencies I consider useless.

What I want to say here is, I don't think there is any distro which will give you simplicity if you don't take the time to understand the lower layers and their alternatives.

Anyway, maybe you'll be interested in distribution like k1ss.org (seems dead? maybe related to OVH fire? https://github.com/kisslinux/repo ). You might play with alpine, too. The *BSDs seems pretty nice, too, but if you strive for simplicity, probably avoid FreeBSD, from the code I've read, it's more complex than Net/Open flavors.

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