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Grey Hair Nixers
Hello hunters !

It's been quite a while since my one, but I'm here with a new Internt Scavenger Hunt !
This one has been cooking for the past year, and this is with great pleasure that I advertise it to the community ! Without further ado, here's the link:


It is much more involved and narrated than the other hunts I've made, and benefits from all the feedbacks I got, so brace yourselves ! There's also a whole story line going with it, and progressing through the hunt will unfold the plot.

I hope you guys will enjoy it! Don't hesitate to share it outside of this community, I made it for the whole internet! You can join other hunters via IRC at #cybfarm on

Also if you have questions, I'll happily answer them! (but I won't give any hint 😉).

Note: the hunt only starts on the 31st of October 2023, so everyone gets a chance to top the scoreboard!

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