Unix screen-shots thread! - Desktop Customization & Workflow
I'm working on it - running openbox, st with fish, feh for bg.
I set up my lemonbar config, nothing special, changed to a new openbox theme and settled on a font.
@dcli looking comfy, I like the window decoration buttons.

Some time ago I took to having a 'rice' page on my website where I post shots (I also enjoy that you can see how things changed over the years): https://notes.neeasade.net/rice.html
time to take some scrots... i have a feeling i'm just about sick of a dark terminal theme (no thanks to neeasade's scrots).

clean: https://nvsbl.org/img/scrots/415-3.png
dmenu_run: https://nvsbl.org/img/scrots/415-2.png
"dirty": https://nvsbl.org/img/scrots/415-1.png

configs etc: https://github.com/guinanseyebrows/configs

usually i just have firefox running maximized in one group and a tmux session running maximized on another.
@neeasade, it's really cool to see the difference between 2014 and now. @sth big fan of your bar, and the fact that i'm featured in the scrot :)
(16-04-2020, 04:33 PM)dcli Wrote: @sth big fan of your bar, and the fact that i'm featured in the scrot :)
hey now, you're an all star

don't tell anyone but my bar is absolutely based on macOS :P
I use a workflow similar to the ion and notion window managers, with tiles and tabs. In my screenshot you can see three tiles, two of them with tabs.

[Image: scrot.png]
(24-04-2020, 06:49 PM)sth Wrote: STRONG LEAN
sick. don't think i could get used to everything being italic...
I find the font harder to get used to than the font style, to be honest.

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