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**Hello amazing members of Unixhub!**

Our community has grown exponentially since we started this forum and that is great to see. I am amazed at how our little IRC channel has grown to a constant 20+ members.

In an effort to continue this growth and bring the community we have here closer I propose we initiate different projects around the forum.

For example.
- Unix tools and applications coded by groups of Unixhub Members
- Unixhub graphics created by groups of Unixhub members to promote the forum around the internet.
- Coding challenges for Unixhub members to compete against one another.

I will provide free hosting space on the server to anyone who wants to host a Unixhub branded project. For example a system tool or application you coded and want to release as yourself under the Unixhub name. Almost like Unixhub is a licence such as GNU, GPL, etc.

I look forward to more suggestions and people taking the initiative to get the ball rolling!

Thank you,
Sounds like a great idea!

What about "hack-the-box" this friday? :)
I may lend you guys my "box"
"TheHotBot" Aka NeverW8!

I can be seen on the IRC from time to time :)
This is a great idea :) BSD license Ftw
That sounds very nice...

I'm looking forward to read the ideas.

Sounds pretty awesome, I may be getting my computer fixed soon :>
If you need someone with absolutely zero talent, I'm your man!
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
Indeed a great idea.

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How can I help?


Well, I guess that means that I can help by making myself scarce.
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!

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