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This article looked interesting, so I was reading along, when I noticed the familiar colors of HF's layout.
Apparently someone else was interested in the same topic, and found a website offering a "shell booter" for hire.
Dude digs a bit, and finds the name of the site owner, as well as some criminal acts perpetrated by the HF member with the username "Orgy."
[Image: orgy-285x131.png]
(The following are not my words, but are those of the writer on Krebs' site)
Things got a bit more interesting when I Googled absoboot.com, and found that it was being promoted at derpforums.net by a 23-year-old user named “Orgy,” who claimed to be owner of the DDoS service, and the person responsible for a software design firm called BigKesh.

It’s not clear what kind of software BigKesh is involved in devising, but the historic WHOIS records from DomainTools tell me that the rrawbb@gmail.com account is the registrant of record for Bigkesh.com and another domain — bigke.sh. The Web site registration records for the latter domain indicate that it was registered a year ago by a Robert Danielson, of 30 Tumbleweed Ct., Sumter, South Carolina.

Further Google-fu led me to this article in the Johnson City Press from June 2011, which said that a (then 22-year-old) man named Robert George Danielson at that Tumbleweed Ct. address had been arrested and charged with a string of auto and home burglaries, including the break-in at a local police chief’s home in which firearms were stolen. Danielson reportedly entered an Alford plea in that case (a plea of guilty containing a protestation of innocence); the current status of that case is unclear. On June 29, 2012, the 23-year-old Danielson was arrested again, this time near Myrtle Beach and for driving on a suspended license.


Three arrested in numerous local burglaries, including burglary of JC police chief's house
Updated June 23, 2011 7:58 AM
By Staff Report - JohnsonCityPress.com

[Image: 36456918E.jpg]
("Orgy" is in the middle.)

Three South Carolina men were charged this week with a string of auto and home burglaries — including the break-in at Police Chief John Lowry’s home.

Gareth Dustin Watts, 20, previously of Sumter, S.C. but now living at 807 University Parkway, Apt. B-308; Robert George Danielson, 22, of 30 Tumbleweed Ct., Sumter, S.C. and Donald Ray Hurst, 21, 5670 Edgehill Road, Sumter, S.C., are all charged in the burglaries.

According to Johnson City police, investigators here were contacted by Sumter police last week about its officers finding Watts in a hotel there with a items stolen from Johnson City.

Those items ended up being the property of Lowry. His home was burglarized May 25. Officers found two firearms — a Remington 1100 automatic shotgun and a black powder pistol — and the city-issued laptop computer that belonged to Lowry.

Lowry was able to identify those items after investigators sent him electronic photographs.

Johnson City police investigators drove to Sumter to continue the investigation. While interviewing the suspects, Watts and Hurst gave statements stating they began breaking into several vehicles near Cherokee Road on May 21. The men told police Danielson also was with them at the time.

Hurst said he went back to South Carolina after those thefts, but Watts and Danielson stuck around and continued breaking into cars across Johnson City.

Police obtained consent to search Watts’ residence, where Danielson also had been staying, and they located a number of items listed on the numerous burglary reports.

Watts and Danielson were each charged with aggravated burglary, theft of property over $1,000, 18 counts of auto burglary and one count of auto theft.

The auto theft charge stemmed from a 1999 Honda Acura stolen from a home on Woodridge Drive. Police did not say in the report if the vehicle was recovered.

Hurst was charged with aggravated burglary, theft of property over $1000 and four counts of auto burglary.

All three were being held in the Washington County Detention Center. Watts has a $141,000 bond, Danielson has a $190,000 bond and Hurst has a $70,000 bond. They are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 30.

Police said the investigation was continuing, and more charges were expected.
Late Wednesday, police announced that all three men had been awarded additional burglary charges.
Watts and Danielson were charged with an additional three counts of aggravated burglary, two counts of theft of property over $1,000 and theft of property under $500.
Hurst was charged with an additional count of aggravated burglary and theft of property
under $500.


Lessons here?
Don't register domains with your real name!
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
This makes me wonder a lot.
Some users here have been on HF before and been really fed up with those spoiled kids and retarded people but what is really going on in their head?
I mean what are they seeking with those kind of actions?
Do they want to break the world just to prove that they exist?
Do they feel like it gives them pleasure to do those kind of nasty stuffs to others?
Do they think that it's really a mean of getting money?
Do they really think they are 'l33t haxor' and that it makes them learn awesome things about computing?
Do they believe that beeing a 'bad' guy is cool?

... lots of questions comes to my mind.
However, are those useless things really worth wasting time?

I've been doing all those 'bad' stuff before but I ,at least, got over it in a good manner.
The transition was done when I was doing more coding then vandalism; I mean I coded automation to do the vandalism for me which lead to me beeing bored by those things.
Boredom removed the excitement I had for the stupid stuff and transformed it into excitement for creating things.

Moral : creating is way more enjoyable then destroying.
Destroying helps you learn the value of creation.
Long story short, fuck Orgy. I hope he literally gets fucked in the ass.
That's from personal experience with that fag.
I think white Impact font with a transparent background and black dropshadow saying 'Typical HF User,' is in order.
(15-11-2012, 01:27 PM)NeoTerra Wrote: Is this the guy who also DOX'd Selena Gomez? Or am I thinking of someone else...

The link says the guy's name is Brian Krebs, but I'm not sure who did Selena.


Venam brought up some interesting points regarding the mindset of skid-crackers.
Perhaps they thought that because they were able to pull off some lame hax that they could extrapolate that anti-social behavior into more hardcore criminal activity with impunity, because they're 1337 uberz.

LOL @ "Typical HF user."
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
Here we go, pleasure of the eyes:

[Image: 8S97Q]

Impact Condensed, not Impact and I don't understand the transparent background...
(15-11-2012, 04:09 PM)venam Wrote: Here we go, pleasure of the eyes:
[Image: 8S97Q]
Impact Condensed, not Impact and I don't understand the transparent background...

I fixed your image.
[Image: vPB9R.png]
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
Old news. The owners of OSC and I dox'd him earlier this year when the twBooter source was leaked by using public police records. His dox is publicly avaiable on countless blogs now. Also, his G+ is linked on the Booter Down blog.
Cool. Haha!
Maybe this topic should hit the bit bucket?
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
Apparently his HF account is still active, so he's not in jail.

What an idiot though, using his real name on the domain...
"Willful ignorance is a crime"

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