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+1 for ES File Explorer. I use it in combination with VPlayer to browse and view videos from my computer.

While it's more a matter of personal preference, I think SwiftKey beats the living crap out of all other mobile keyboards - it's actually the reason my mom decided to get herself an android phone, after seeing me pumping out text like crazy on mine.

Something that's nice to have is a QR scanner - doesn't really matter which one, they all do the same. I just picked the one that had the most appealing UI.

Tapatalk is nice to have if you frequent a bunch of forums *#hint hint @admins*

Popup widget is nice of you want widgets but like to keep a clean home screen.

And let's not forget Tasker. It's a must-have, I don't think I could live without it anymore.
Another useful app is called TV Portal (Not in App Store)

It's a app that you can watch (stream) TV shows / movies, it has tons of shows and movies that Netflix doesn't have, Also it's free.

Download From My Dropbox
It's not really a "useful" app but here is flappy bird, it's better than spending $1000+ for the app.

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-No longer available-
Thanks! I'm going to sell my phone now.

Version: 3.1
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Nova Launcher: A fast, fancy, customizable launcher... (you can assign 'activities' or create shortcuts for them) [ if your stock rom not allowing you to move apps icon in home eg: samsung ]

Switchr: Alt-Tab like task switcher. Useful when screen is not big and/or you want fullscreen appls

Floating Apps: As name defines, have some floating windows like browser notepad etc... Is useful when taking notes...

3D image wallpaper: Creates a movable wallpaper behind desktop and menus. When you move your phone its moving slightly, creates nice effect...

Facebook Messenger: Popped out chat heads...

C4Droid or CppDroid: Write, edit and compile C programs on your droid!

Conncectbot: Is a telnet ssh client and terminal emulator (if you connect local)

Flipboard: Digital magazine / News... Im following Tech/Science section... Its very nice and readable...

Remote keyboard: Connect to your phone through telnet and what you write is what you see... (Use pc as keyboard to android)

Googles: OCR + QR-code scanner... Also does google search for it... Identifies pictures you have taken. For example Im in Turkey/Istanbul... When I take picture of beach from middle of bosphorus It identifies area (example Besiktas Ortakoy) place names etc.

Camera FV-5: Turn your smartphone into DSLR-Like thing... Its not good as real DSLR but you can take long exposure shots, change focus point etc... Boosts performance at night shots

Remote droid: use your phone/tablet as touchpad for your computer... Requires java-based client on computer...

Gravity Screen: A lot of nice features/gestures... Phone auto on/off when put on desk and taken to face up. A setting to not to enter sleep when its vibrating (when you holding in your hand, its moving so little but that app detects it and not allowing screen to turn off when you reading something... Better than samsung's shitty smartstay)

X-Plane: Aircraft simulation game... I like to mess around :)
Slax 7.0.8 (32-bits + PAE)
Version: 3.1
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i am interested in qr code reader and i think it is a good app in phone to get useful information.
Drivedroid, to boot your favorites ISO from your phone
F-Droid is a great alternative to the Google Play Store
Arity is a damn nice calc.
FeedEx feed reader
PDF viewer has some nice features, like if you have to read a long pdf (perhaps a book), then it can automatically cut off the white space on the sides so that it makes scrolling smoother. And has night mode, can change brightness (within the app itself). Heaps more settings options too.
/vim/ noun informal
not just an editor, 'tis but a way of »life»!

juiceSSH is one of my new favorite apps. it's an awesome ssh app with lots of features (like MOSH compatibility for ssh timing via udp). it's free/donation ware. supports themes/colors and all android keyboards (it has it's own for things like page up/down, ctrl, fn, mod, alt, etc).

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