FreeBSD/OpenBSD Books - BSD
Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD security (chm)

Teach yourself FreeBSD in 24 hours (2003) (PDF)

Absolute OpenBSD - UNIX for the practical paranoid (2003) (PDF)

Absolute BSD - The Ultimate Guide To FreeBSD (2002) (PDF)
They are nice but a bit old :P
(15-12-2012, 04:03 PM)Beastie Wrote: They are nice but a bit old :P

Yeah I know, they're the only BSD ones I could see though. There are plenty of Linux ones but didn't feel motivated enough to get those. I got these from a onion land library. :) Like Neo said these are most likely still relevant in many cases anyway.
Just got my self all these books (prefer them in Paper base not pdf) and yes some are for 3.5 openbsd but like Neo said some still relevant.

i hope someone in the future is gonna write us a new book.

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