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Well SunOS 4.0.1 was released in 1988 and SunOS 4.0.2 in 1989 they was i386 so i assume versions after that are i386 no ?

and seeing as 4.1.4 is the LAST release under SunOS name im sure its i386? it be strange if they made 4.0.1/2 for i386 but not 4.1.4 ya?

im just as confused as you man.
(21-12-2012, 04:03 AM)Lith Wrote: I got 5.11 from the official website sol-11_1-text-x86.iso 585MB - shame they don't have the 4.1.4 on there

Haven't seen any Solaris 11 torrents out there..... but i already have an account with oracle website no fuss just download it.

Yeah you can get it from oracle. I just wouldn't ever run it on low spec hardware, you need at least 8gb ram and a quad core :P
Huh, I found a tarball that's supposed to be the 4.1.4 source - does that help?

Version: 3.1
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@ crshd

Do they have an iso or anything that can be used to be 'booted from cd' ????

@ Beastie

Why would you need 8GB of ram to run solaris 11? it isn't that demanding dude plus NO UNIX system needs that unless you're a video editor graphics designer etc?

I ran Solaris 11 on 2GB ram laptop she seemed to run well java youtubing videos typing etc seemed fine.

Unless you DEMAND power for solaris 11? lol or maybe just have solaris 11 like open BSD (NO GUI) ? Gotta love CLI im sure Solaris has that option upon installing yes?
@ yrmt

I run Oracle Solaris on a old dual core amd64 4600+ with 8gb of ddr2 of memory with no trouble.. hell i even run it in virtualbox with 2 cores and 2gb of memory and it works quite fast.. you don't really need a high end computer to run solaris... you basicly need at least a dualcore and at least 4gb + i wouldn't go any lower than that.

also illumos provide some nice "open source" solaris base system like openindiana is much like oracle solaris.

I just like using the original OpenSolaris which is oracle solaris 11.1 :)

also i found that same iso SunOS 4.1.3 i wanted to get 4.1.4 .. i always love openlook ooo the 90s were good times.


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