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I got blue switches.
I had a wrist rester before getting the keyboard, it didn't serve much as the laptop keyboard is too low.
Now it fits perfectly.
(28-10-2015, 02:34 PM)venam Wrote: I got blue switches.

me too!
Blue switches clack together
Glad it working out
Nice venam! I have a coolermaster with blue switches but mine combines the numpad with the arrow keys so you just hit numlock and it changes between the two. I use my poker3 way more now though.
I found out one of my manager also has mechanical keyboard. It has red switches.
After trying them I could feel for myself the difference.
Frankly, red switches feel a bit like a rubber dome of good quality. I preferred my blue switches, you can feel the point of pressure under your fingers and the clicky-clack sound is amazing.
I am reviving this old thread in hopes more people might talk about what they are doing now. If anyone is programming their keyboard, got new ones, or new people want to post about theirs.

It may or may not be ever so slightly dirty... the J key is not pristine. But I was so surprised my phone took a remotely decent photo I didn't retake it.

[Image: UKtB6.png]

EDIT: I should mention it's my first one, and I have plans in the future for building a keyboard. Also: @strang3quark, I think you posted that link in the wrong thread... ?
I use a DAS at work and have some Razer at home, both with blue switches. I love them but I have always wanted to try Topre but don't have one to try before I buy
@quark, I think you didn't link the good video there...
oh cool

heres a few of mine

this is my black hhkb professional 2 and leopold fc660c, both featuring the greatest keyswitch ever made, Topre. I think they're both 45 cN but the hhkbp2 might be 55 cN idk.

and THIS bad boy is my buckling spring unicomp which got me banned for a week about a year ago.
Poker 3 with Reds:


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