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First your going to want to see if you have USB OTG support. You then will need to use that to plug in a keyboard.

The issue now is that the normal ARM kernel most likely won't support your hardware and the android kernel you have most likely won't support normal ARM distributions.

The only device that I know can run Linux on naively is the Nexus 7 because the kernel and userspace are open source, the bootloader is easily unlockable (and can be used to install OS images), and the kernel works well with normal Linux distributions with little modification. I'm also assuming this is the same with the Galaxy Nexus and other Nexus services because of Ubuntu's phone project supporting them.

I'm not trying to be a salesperson here, but these types of things are why I buy Google phones that have mostly open source and well documented software and (usually) open hardware (ex. OMAP4 CPUs).

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