Post your Media Player! - Desktop Customization & Workflow
Post your media player or interfaces you use to control whatever you use to play music. If the image is big, please use spoiler tags.

[Image: EVk3caf.png]
simple cmus with a theme of my own:
[Image: AAl]
How do you add themes to cmus? I am going to start using it instead of spotify and go back to the old school.
Normally all users configs are in /usr/share/cmus/ or in ~/.cmus/
you should check for files with the .theme extension.
here is my theme on github:
Thanks! Well i will be torrenting some files later on because i prefer to have all of my mustic stored rather than off spotify, so when i do i'll hut you up on the IRC :)
[Image: vaDd1aQ]
MPD for music. I often use it's streaming abilities.

I play videos, streams and other media using mplayer straight from command line.
Sorry but I didn't actually get the question, I mean media player created of your own or any media player on unix/linux operation system.
I personally just use pianobar for command-line pandora because I prefer not to have to download a huge library of music.
Here you go for the media player:
mplayer -ao pulse  -double -cache 500 -cache-min 3 -framedrop -font "DejaVu Sans Mono Bold" -subfont-blur 2 -utf8   -autoq 100 -bpp 32
I used to use -vo gl but it started to leave residu of some frames on the screen while moving the window.
So I patched cmus to show less stuff. What do you think?