The Pragmatic Desktop - Desktop Customization & Workflow
Hello everyone,

We all want our desktops to be practical. We also want them to be sexy as hell. Lets bring our ricing knowledge together and create the most practical sexy desktop on the planet. Here's how this is going to work:

* Propose what (or should not) be featured in a desktop
* Explain why
* Try and show a screenshot : )


* Argue against what someone thinks

and most importantly, have fun with this!

I'll start:

I think conky should not be featured in a desktop set up. How often do people really look at their system stats? Even then there are probably better alternatives to looking at them, such as in a status bar or a notification activated by a hotkey. No screenshot because there would be nothing to show : )
I think multiple workspaces/desktops/virtual-spaces or whatever you call them are a must for a practical desktop.
I agree about the usual conky-in-screenshots-is-unnecessary, and figure that those who use conky on the desktop are merely following what they've seen elsewhere.
I don't want anything drawn on my screen it there are no windows open. I do use 9menu to spawn stuff with the mouse buttons.
I once upon a time, I had a huge conky. It was getting addictive, all I wanted was to see all my updates in one single place.
Now that I wrote my "", I just left it open on the first workspace and let it do it's job. It's way less obtrusive.
Well it has to look sexy.
Conky can be useful for showing things like your calendar or the weather though.
(17-04-2013, 03:06 PM)dunz0r Wrote: Conky can be useful for showing things like your calendar or the weather though.

I rather put that into a statusbar of some sort.
It should obviously have all the basic applications.
pdf viewer, image viewer, webbrowser, terminal emulator, media player, etc..
I would also go for a GUI file manager like Thunar because it's more practical.
Conky can be handy for monitoring your resources on a old machine.
My idea of a perfect desktop is, making sure the menu has quick links to your commonly used applications and 4 work spaces. The sexy part, i just let my wallpaper handle that lol.

Quick Edit. I also must have xpad to make sure i don't forget things. I am VERY forgetful!