[LF] Unix laptop/netbook - Hardware talk
Hey, i'm looking for a unix laptop/netbook.
By that I mean something that's unix native.
Examples would be the tadpoles etc, but they are obviously TOO expensive.
Any suggestions?
Must work, and be affordable.
IDK if I will ever use it, only thing i need is a window with emacs so i don't use too many resources.
System76 makes laptops for linux so I assume they would be ok for unix? Thinkpads also have legendary support for linux (unix) most of the time as well as Dell. Could also try Clevo barebones laptops and build it yourself (can get them put together for you, tonnes of vendors like Sager and Xoticpc), I have and it works pretty damn well for about half the cost.
Thanks for the reply, altough that's not what i'm looking for tbh.
I already have a thinkpad, and I now want a "dedicated native unix laptop"
Hmm ok, as I said try a barebones laptop like the ones from Clevo and just put in the parts that are compatible with unix.
My Acer Aspire One ZG5 runs FreeBSD, *buntu, Fedora, etc, quite nicely.
I paid $99 for it over 4 years ago.

As for an OEM *nix laptop, the Dell XPS 13 is a nice looking rig, but it's rather expensive.

Well, I feel sligthly more mistaken. I am not looking into building myself, and i'm looking into real unix. not linux.
NeoTerra; I've been writing all of my posts on a thinkpad! ;)
You said it just has to run emacs? How 'bout a Zipit Z2 or a Ben Nanonote?
I highly recommend Thinkpads. Great support for FreeBSD and Debian right out of the box. I also like that it is painless to upgrade components like RAM, the HDD, at least in the X series models(excluding the carbon, which is an ultrabook). As well as this, you can buy so many different addons for them, you can really tailor it to what you need: 56k modem, WiMAX, 3G, ethernet, PCI-Express, FW, etc. They also take a beating like no other, and while they are not flashy and shiny like every other laptop out there, I have really grown to like the subdued, matte look that they have.

Something else to remember is that Thinkpads are business computers, which means that Redhat has pretty good support for them(see: https://hardware.redhat.com/Lenovo). This is excellent , because that ensures that a lot of Lenovo support makes its way back into the kernel and various other services and applications.
[Image: a0QZxXO.gif]
OEM... hmmm well technically it is natively *nix, so you can try the Google Chromebooks..
Throw openbox on there and make it a little more presentable. Then go emacs crazy

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